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Fresh Express

Due to the COVID-19 we will be running Fresh Express a little differently Friday, 3/20/2020.

Our parking lot will be closed until we receive all the food from the Food Bank Truck. After the truck leaves we will open the parking lot up.

At 11am we will begin distributing tickets as usual. Please come to our front door on the parking lot side. Once you receive your ticket please return back to your car or somewhere off the property until we begin at 1230. We are trying our best to eliminate large congregations.

At 1230 we will be handing out boxes of food pre-packaged from the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank. Again, this is only 1 box per household. You will need to hand in your ticket in order to receive your box. Once you receive your box we ask that you leave in timely manner.

Please bare with us as we try to serve you as best we can in these difficult times.

Thank you

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2018 Fresh Express Calendar

Did you know that Lycoming County is one of the highest food insecure counties in Pennsylvania?

To help hungry families, Firetree Place partners with the Central Pennsylvania Food Bank to host Fresh Express. Fresh Express is a program which provides fresh food to local sites who then distribute it free to the public. 

The income eligibility for Fresh Express is below. Each person signs a confidential self-declaration regarding their income. Fresh Express occurs every Friday from 12:30pm-2:00pm under the Pavilion at Firetree Place.

Currently, between 200-300 individuals are being served with this vital program!


 If you have any questions about our Fresh Express program feel free to contact our Food Programs Coordinator at (570) 360-9946 or email at tfalls@firetreeplace.org